Public Works


The Public Works Department is composed of the Street, Parks, Water, and Sewer Divisions. These divisions are dedicated to maintaining safe and reliable services for the residents of Columbia and provide quick and efficient response to emergency situations such as water main breaks, sanitary sewer breaks, or ice and snow accumulation.

Department Employees

To contact department employees directly, please click on the "Directory" link located at the bottom of the Contact Us section of this page.

Director of Public Works

The Director of Public Works is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and coordinating the various activities of the Public Works Department. The Director is engaged in construction, maintenance and operation of city streets, city parks, storm drainage, wastewater treatment, water treatment, buildings and all other city facilities and projects.


The Assistant Director of Public Works assists with supervision of all department employees, manages and oversees a variety of capital improvements and public projects and departmental projects, is responsible for the guidance and management of the Water and Sewer Divisions, and assists the Director in the performance of his job duties.

administrative assistant

The Administrative Assistant provides administrative support for the Department of Public Works and is the first point of contact for information and reports of water main breaks or sewer issues.

Streets LEAD MAN

The Streets Lead Man is in charge of maintaining streets, and city buildings.   The Lead Man directs the Streets crews to perform street maintenance, snow removal, drainage projects, landscaping maintenance, landscaping projects, street right‐of‐way mowing, tree trimming and removal, and city facilities maintenance.

Parks lead man

The Parks Lead Man is responsible for maintenance of all City-managed/owned recreational areas within the City of Columbia.  The Lead Man directs Park personnel in the performance of mowing/landscaping, facilities maintenance, and ensuring the safety of all playgrounds and equipment.

water lead man

The Water Lead Man oversees the water distribution system throughout the City.  This includes all distribution mains, pumping stations, and storage facilities.

Sewer Lead Man

The Sewer Lead Man also serves as the Responsible Operator in Charge of the CIty's Sewer Treatment Plant.  The Lead Man is responsible for maintenance of the City's sanitary sewer collection main, sewer lift stations, and ensuring the Treatment Plant meets all applicable environmental requirements.