Yard Sales

Are permitted with the following conditions:

  • No Signs advertising such sales shall be placed, posted or erected anywhere in the City. One sign is allowed at the location of the sale.
  • Not more than three sales per year (including the City-Wide Yard Sale) lasting not more than two days each shall be held at the same premises if occupied by the same family.
  • Five days notice of the sale must be given to the City online registration.
To Register a Sale
1.Visit Sky View
2.  Click "I Want to"
3.  Click "Add a Yard Sale to the Map"
4.  Complete the registration form
To View Upcoming Yard Sales
1. Visit Sky View
2.  Click "I Want to"
3.  Click "Find Upcoming Yard Sales on the Map"

Once your yard sale has been registered, it will be submitted to the City for approval and placed on a map where shoppers are able to view and print the list of upcoming sales.