New Resident Guide

Welcome to Columbia, Illinois! 

New residents to our community quickly become aware that the quality of life here is unparalleled, which is one of the reasons that more than 10,000 people have decided to call Columbia home. To help you get settled and learn about your new community, we have prepared this guide which contains helpful information about the City of Columbia. 

Our City staff is here to serve you and make sure the city is running smoothly and efficiently every single day. As you read this guide, you will get to know some of the services available to you. We encourage you to browse this website for more useful information and use the search bar if there is something in particular you want to find. Still not finding what your' re looking for? Give us a call at 618-281-7144 ext. 100. We'll gladly point you in the right direction.  

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Viewable Version of the New Resident Guide

New Resident Guide