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Dumpster/PODS Permit

  1. Instructions to Applicant:

    • Application will be reviewed by the Building Official, who will determine if the application is approved or denied and then returned to the City Clerk’s Office.
    • How long will it take to receive a permit? The City Clerk’s Office will notify applicant of permit status within two (2) to (3) days of submitting an application.
    • Fee: If permit is approved, a permit fee of $32.00 shall be collected by the City Clerk’s Office for a street dumpster permit and a permit fee of $16.00 shall be collected by the City Clerk’s Office for a dumpster on private property permit or portable on demand storage (PODS) units to be on private property greater than five (5) consecutive days.
    • The City of Columbia will provide the illuminated barricades for street dumpsters.
    • Number of days a dumpster is permitted? A street dumpster must be removed after fourteen (14) consecutive days and a dumpster on private property and PODS units must be removed after thirty (30) consecutive days.

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